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Scouts Training Scouts are of different ranks from Pravesh to Rastrapati Scout. Pravesh Scout is the beginning. It is a rank a boy occupies on admission to a Troop. The Highest and the one which every Scout should try to attain is the rank of Rastrapati Scout. Rank are progressive stages in the life of a scout. He joins when he has completed 10 years of age. In about three month from the date of joining it should be possible for him to become a Pravesh; in about fifteen months from these he can become a Dwitiya Sopan Scouts. With due diligence, he can become a Rajaya Puraskar Scout, and after this he can become a Rastrapati Scout. The A.P.R.O. Part II, Chapters I,II and III give the conditions which the candidates has to fulfill for his progressive training as a Scout. The Several Scout ranks, here described indicate the range or steps that a Scout has to take what may be described as the Scout Ladder of efficiency.

The Ladder of efficiency is a sort of main line which will Scouts have to follow. Every Scout should aim at going up the ladder steadily and in due time. The training that Scouts receive as Scout would build up general efficiency as Scouts. That is why we speak the Ladder of efficiency. But this main line open into a side line which may be regarded as giving the Scout a kind of specialist training in certain skills represented by Proficiency badges. Such training may be described as proficiency training.

Proficiency Badges:

The Scout scheme provides a certain number of Proficiency Badges for different subjects for whom Scouts can start qualify after their tritiya Sopan Badges. But Proficiency Badges are not to be worn just for the sake of winning. A Scout should choose then according to his natural aptitude, and having made his choice he should work assiduously till he gains the required degree of Proficiency and try to use the knowledge/skill for good of the Community.

Proficiency Badges for Scouts The Proficiency Badges for Scouts are as Follows :
1. AIDS Awareness 2. Air Spotter 3. Ambulance Man
4. Archer      5. Artist 6. Athlete
7. Aviator 8. Backwoodsman  9. Basket Worker
10. Bee Master 11. Bird Warden 12. Boatman
13. Book Binder 14. Braille 15. Camel Man
16. Camper    17. Camp Warden     1 8. Cancer Awareness
19. Carpenter 20. Citizen   21. Climber
22. Civil Defense 23. Community Singing 24. Community Worker
25. Computer Awareness 26. Cook    27. Cyclist Dairyman
28. Dairyman 29. Debater 30. Dessert Folk
31. Drug Awareness 32. Ecologist 33. Electrician
34. Electronics 35. Entertainer 36. Explorer
37. Farmer 38. Fireman 39. Florist
40. Folk Dancer 41. Forester  42. Friend To Animals
43. Game Leader 44. Gardner 45. Good Neighbor
46. Gymnast 47. Handyman  48. Healthy Man
49. Herbalist     50. Hiker 51. Hospital Man
52. Interpreter    53. Interpreter To Deaf  54. Journalist
55. Leather Worker 56. Leprosy Control  57. Literacy 
58.MapMaker 59. Marksman 60. Meteorologist
61. Motor Mechanic 62. Musician  63. Naturalist
64. Nutrition Educator 65. Oarsman 66. Pathfinder
67. Photographer  68. Pioneer 69. Plumber
70. Poultry Farmer  71. Printer 72. Public Healthyman
73. Reader 74. Rescuer 75. Rural Engineer
76. Rural Worker 77. Safety Knowledge  78. Salesman
79. Sanitation Promoter  80. Scholar  81. Secretary
82. Sea Fisherman 83. Self Defence

84. Signaller

85. Soil Conservator 86. Solar Energy/ Awareness 87. Stalker
88. Starman 89. Swimmer 90. Tailor
91. Telegraphist  92. Tracker 93. World Conservation
94. World Friendship    
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