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 what is the Title under which the organization of the scout movement is governed?


The organization of the scout movement at world level is governed by this constitution under the title of “ The World Organization of the Scout Movement ”, hereinafter called the world Organization as an Independent, Non political, government granted Organization.


What is the purpose of the World Organization?


The purpose of the world Organization is to foster the Scout Movement throughout the world by:

                                    (a) Promoting and understanding of its purpose and principles.

                                    (b) Facilitating its expansion and development

                                    (c) Maintaining its specific character.


What are the organs of the World Organization


The organs of the World Organization are :

(a) The World Scout Conference, hereinafter called the World Conference.

(b) The World Scout Committee, hereinafter called the world Committee.

(c) The World Scout Bureau, hereinafter called the World Bureau.


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