Shri Inder Singh Parmar
Shri Paras Chandra Jain
State Chief Commisinor
( Bharat Scout Guide Bhopal M.P.)

The expansion & explosion of Information technology is well known in the present global world.
Keeping in view the multi-dimensional achievement in the field. I feel pleasure to say that M.P. Bharat Scouts & guides has setup to have its own website. So as to provide all relevant information like its utility in the present time, its historical back ground, the community development the training of boys and girls and adults, the development...


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Scouting and Guiding are two great World Movements, one working for the advancement and well being of the boys, and the other working for the advancement and well being of the girls. both were founded by Lord Baden Powell, both are equally popular and have spread equally rapidly throughtout the world. Scouting came first, and the guiding came three years later they are separate organizations but with the identical aims.

In most countries scouting and guiding functions as distinctly separate organizations, scouting is run by men for the most part and guiding is run by the women. In India scouting come under one organization called the Bharat Scouts and Guides.

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